Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rainbow Cake

This post is going to have more pictures than most, because this cake was so pretty right from the start. I cheated on this one and used box mix and canned icing. It was for my son's 2nd birthday so I figured half would be on the floor anyway, so no use going all out. I saved that for the cake for the adult guests.

The cake was not difficult at all and the results were great. It's perfect for a kid's party.

You start by making a white cake mix. Like I said, I used a box - just followed the directions as printed. Then I used a 1 cup measuring cup and divided the batter into 5 disposable bowls. There was a little bit leftover but I just tossed it because it wasn't quite enough for another color. Using food coloring, dye each bowl to your desired color. I used the regular food coloring and it took 1/3 to 1/2 of each bottle to get them this bright.

Next, I took a 6 inch round cake pan and poured in about half of the blue, half the green, etc. This is where I think I went wrong. There was waaaaaaay too much batter in the pan and they took nearly 50 minutes each to bake. (I only had one pan)

Once the cake was cool, I transferred it to a cooling rack and started the second layer. This time I put red on bottom, then orange, etc.

The next day - after storing in plastic wrap in the fridge - I shaved off the top of the bottom layer, added a layer of icing and placed the second layer on top. I didn't shave that layer off because I liked the rounded top look. And again, as a result of putting too much batter in the pan, they puffed up super tall, and if I would have leveled it off I would have lost a lot of cake.

I am not a cake decorator. So I did the best I could with canned frosting, my mom, and an aerosol can of decorator icing.

I couldn't wait to cut into it to see if it had turned out. did. It was perfect!


  1. I love how vibrant your colors are. I don't think these work unless you really go for it with the colors.

  2. Those colors are awesome!!!

  3. This cake looks awesome! It would be fun to try with different colors like pastel for Easter or different shades of green for Saint Patrick's Day.

  4. What a neat cake! I bet this is almost as fun to bake and it is to eat...almost ;)